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Membership Benefits

At every meeting, we strive for an entertaining and fun evening, with a special guest speaker. Topics are always current, engaging, and include new beekeeping development. The evening concludes with a hint of bee politics and our ever-popular question/answer time.

We offer members Beekeeping Equipment which include:
– Uncapping knife.
– Honey grader.
– Hive bander and clips.

We also have a Honey extractor that may be rented for $10.00 per day. (See Jacques Marc)

Special Events

– Field days, demonstrations, hands-on experience for new beekeepers.
– Annual Club picnic
– Fall Harvest/Christmas potluck dinner and Awards night.
– Beekeeper mentoring
– Cowichan Valley Exhibition; our premier showcase for all things beekeeping in Cowichan Valley.

The Cowichan Beekeepers has a large assortment of beekeeping books. (Available on loan to members.)

If this sounds like something you would like to participate in,
please feel free to fill out the Cowichan Beekeepers Membership Application form below.


Cowichan Beekeepers Membership Application

Note: A family membership consists of 2 adults and children(12 & under) from the same household. Each of the 2 adults will have 1 vote each.

Mail to:
Cowichan Beekeepers
P.O. Box 413, Duncan, BC V9L 1P0

Email to:

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Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Jan 2021 PDF

Beekeeping is an activity that could be a hobby, a job, an agricultural pursuit, or a commercial endeavor. Beekeeping has a steep learning curve but don’t let that scare you. Join a club, get support and share your learning!…

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Feb 2021 PDF

In February beekeepers tend to wonder what is going on in their hives. Winter is one of the times of the year when a beekeeper doesn’t need to spend as much time with the bees compared to other times of the year…

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Mar 2021 PDF

As the weather warms up we hope our bees emerge from the winter as strong hives. Those of us whose bees died over the past winter are likely still saddened, and we are all mourning our losses…

Download – Cowichan Beekeepers Buzz Apr 2021 PDF

Hive loss is not a subject any beekeeper really wants to talk about, except me? Anyone else? This March, I surveyed beekeepers in Cowichan on what their honey bee colony wintering rates were for 2020-2021 and 60% of all the reported honey bee colonies died between September and March…

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$20 for single and $32 for family.